Sunday, August 11, 2013

Easy & Simple Detox for your health : Clear fat in the intestine without Costed

Detox drinking to Clear fat in the intestine.

There are many toxic can be occurred to our life living in a day. While also there are many detox's ways to served your health in a well situation by doing a detox and maintain your health for a long run too. 

Unfortunately,  there is no short time or immediately way to cure our body or compromised your body to become great in one night. Same as the way that I would suggest you to see. This great detox's way without costing and it is used pure natural material with a simple process to final our health in a great situations. But I have to warn you that this way needs your patenting and persuading in all along to become success in your great health.  
I have tried myself and I found it greats and cheapest to maintain with the diligent mind and also it is required intelligent mind to handle it too. 

Here we go.. my detox materials.

1. Raw or young papaya. 

Beginning with you must clean raw papaya and sliced ​​raw papaya into small piece. You can peel or may not peel it.  On this picture, I did not peel because raw papaya too small and very young. After sliced it I kept it into the box save it for the next day. I did not use it all.  

2. Tea leafs 

Any kind of teas's leaf you may like, for me I use Oolong tea, which I got it when I was visiting Shing Hai. China. So I like this kind of tea. But my friend she like Jasmine tea and it is also great smell for the detox drinking.   

3. Proceeding and manage to get Detox drinking with Tea leafs 

We supply raw materials to prepare drinks and detox. We bring everything to boil. When the water boiled with papaya and water boils aห it ready. We can be drinkable. To drink warm or cold drink. It depends on you.

4. Finished Detox drinking with Tea leafs 

While boiling it. We drop down the tea leafs into boiling water,  you will be smell of tea drinks and drinking water is taste better.

5. What are the benefits of  Detox drinking with Tea leafs 

To clear fat in the intestine is only one proposed . But the impact to your health are tremendous of drinking papaya tea benefits. This will clear the intestine without anal enemas.  To helps its clean absorption. Grease stains on the wall of the gut is important. Caused by eating food fried in oil regularly. Grease adhesion to the intestinal wall to become sticky. The symptoms interfere with the absorption of nutrients. And vitamins that are beneficial to the body.

When the body system is poorly absorbed. Doo or the non-porous time to eat is just saturated but not nutrients. This was a long day of illness will come visit.

When the body is normal, we need  to take care intestine sometime. To do colon cleansing should get it anyway. To get rid of the old oil stains pending when we eat fried oil for many years.

And finally, we are also taking to clean not just one or two drink then you will see result of healing of your body same as time you eat oil and accumulated stains into you body. It is needs time.  

Have a nice day... 
By Pattama Thip-o-sot 

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