Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The benefits of herbal plants.

Thai herbal plants

The benefits of herbal plants.

  1. Some diseases can be treated without medication, the current plan is that some of these may be expensive and must be free of charge. It might be difficult to buy locally.
  2. Good treatment results closest to the current plan, and drug safety as well as using more than the current plan.
  3. Local city mainly because from the plant, which is located both in the city and the countryside.
  4. There are cheap can save money in the current plan, medicines must be purchased from abroad is to reduce the trade deficit.
  5. Used as a maintenance medication, healthy body.
  6. Use as food and cultivated as vegetables, such as the herb basil, ginger, galangal, coccinia Indica.
  7. Used in food, such as candy, clove flower, moon, Moon.
  8. Use the additive The smell of the food such as taste, colour ball Monday. Use their meal adding bread Bacon, ham, sausage, and butter.
  9. Can be grown as ornamental buildings, beautiful, beautiful sweet potato ringworm?
  10. Use an eyeliner to enhance beauty, such as Aloe Vera. Good words, ponna, Buffalo
  11. Used as pesticides in the vegetable garden, fruit, such as citronella Sadao tobacco.
  12. Is a plant that can export revenues to the country, such as turmeric krawan reo?
  13. Thai heritage conservation, as the people in each locality known as self-help. Put herbs in the locality of their own livelihood, benefit, according to the traditional.
  14. Esteem and make people come back to life close to nature.
  15. Cause a proud culture and value of Thai

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