Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Trendy Fruit for 2013 - Mulberry

The Story of Mulberry of current interest to the world. It is a fruit that has been grown up around. In Thailand we have Thai name of this kind of fruit as “Luk-Mon” Now there are more expensive and there are needed both in Thailand and abroad.

Mulberry previously almost ignored to some adopting that. "Can it be eat for real" because Mulberry is 'mulberry' of which mulberry leaves use for silkworms feed storage. It has not been taken as medical and never been processing as it is transplant for healthy fruit as likely today. 

But having found that after many research's organizations have been done some researches; found it is benefited to disease resistance and nutritional properties.

And in Thailand we changed its name from “Luk-mon” to the Mulberry. It gives the spotlight ever. 

Such as Mulberry has antioxidant. (Anti-oxidant), a substance called Anticyclonic magenta. Help prevent heart disease as well as cancer prevention. Typically found in more expensive drugs from foreign countries. In addition, vitamin B6 helps maintain blood concentrations of liver, kidney, reduce acne hormonal balance. Inhibit thrombosis. Prevent vascular rupture, causes of paralysis with high vitamin C. It helps prevent allergy-related respiratory diseases. And also help maintain the look of the eyes.

Now, mulberry fruit has started to become queen new number. Be processed into juice, dried yogurt or other snacks.

Cr: Picture from sanook.com

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