Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Lemon grass Nourish the brain, concentration as well.

Lemon grass

 is used if only a portion of the value, and its stems are used as a component of the diet of several important species such as Tom yum and Thai food, there are many kinds of medical indication, scent, such as diseases of the urinary tract cure nourishing oils, air in the intestine to grow food cure asthma.
 Solve the brain provides a good concentration of cholera treatment boil drinking water to cure vomiting. Use fresh-squeezed pounded drunk drinking water removal solution in the case of someone who is drunk very much help to recover from earlier header can be used to solve the gas bloating stomach liver spots disease. Gallstones more than it can also perform as a sleeping aid pill reduces the high pressureCitronella oil mosquito repellent is used. If cultivated near other vegetables will help insects and also gives fragrance. That some types of deodorant Lavender is used as a fragrance ingredient, because the smell and the Elimination of certain types of mosquitoes, use lemon grass as a mixture with a strong smell, because it helps to stop the mosquitoesIn addition, lemon grass to cure or fishy smell of fish and meat. 

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