Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Turmeric herb

Turmeric herb

 is commonly used as combination therapy for cancer pain, hemorrhoid treatment and persuaded a roll fever and smallpox sang.  Hair loss treatment itchy belly bloating mutkit gas Treatment of skin disease, wound care treatment skin rash diarrhea abdominal pain.That disability Feces is anal mucus blood. Reduce swelling. Treat fever headache body heat. Treatment of headache, fever, cold sweat treatments took the poison samlaeng of salaeng. Treatment of abdominal abscess abdominal twists Tan photo enforcement to reduce diarrhea urine travel driving directions. Anal mucus blood blood treatment water fish oils smell of rot. Keep tanokmoi me Tien eat root hair dandruff treatment, blood appetite kasai Hoa.Mixed with boiled blood from both the drug bans vomiting blood or thawan as 9. Mixing medications related to diseases of the stomach and intestinal aches, as nourishment milk is the nam body cover gonorrhea light scrub. Treatment of symptoms of clumsiness, wind Pain syndrome of the beriberi Nausea, heartburn, and NGO wind up high. Neurosis, mixed topical abscess. Treatment of chronic wounds are not serious rot fai emaciated. Kutthang disease Do women's milk, pure women by swelling, urination, abdominal pain, treatment of diarrhea caused wayothatu up and down demanding.

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